Maddie Logan



Maddie Logan has been performing in one genre or another most of her 21 years.  A lifelong love for writing both stories and poetry manifested itself into songwriting at a very young age.  At the urging of her early music mentors, 9 year old Maddie entered a Los Angeles recording studio to lay down her first originals.  She was hooked!  Shortly thereafter, the gift of a guitar, gave her the instrument needed to connect her melodies and her lyrics.

At 13, Maddie’s penchant for storytelling and love of country music compelled her to leave California and begin the ambitious and challenging task of establishing herself as a country artist in Nashville.  She immediately fell in love with the beauty of Tennessee.  The fact that music was everywhere only intensified her feeling that she had found her new home!

Since arriving in “Music City”, Maddie has been blessed to co-write with some amazingly talented songwriters.  These collaborations, along with the opportunity to work with many brilliant and accomplished producers and musicians, has led to the recording of her two country EPs.

Looking forward, Maddie is excited to perform and promote her new music, as well as to continue songwriting.  While it can be an arduous task for this high school honor-roll student, Maddie is determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill her dream of being a country artist.

Her YouTube Channel (HOT)   |    www.MaddieLogan.com

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