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We are located in

Beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC and came out of Nashville ,TN after 10 years and NashVegas is where we were conceived as a mission to help indie artists worldwide.

We have been waiting for technology to be just right to take the Indie Music World by Storm!

We are united with Highly Talented Indie Artists to take back control of music with BlockChain Technology cutting out the Record Companies and Publishers allowing and empowering Indie Artists & Producers themselves to receive 100% of their royalties and sales of Merch, CD’s and Music.

This will allow talented music artists to feed themselves, thrive and not need to take crappy jobs to sustain themselves.You know the rest.

See out blog for more breaking indie services and break-threw companies that we can feature that can help in this mission.

NOTE: We will eventually be non-profit where the artist gets most of their sales revenue & a chance to donate to the charity of their choice a small percentage of their earnings with 5 clicks. Easy. Easy is key. Yah?


If artists choose to sell anything in our new store (Coming Soon) or directory 5 clicks let’s them donate 4% of all sales and that is a tax write-off which you will need. We Indie Artists need to support Our Government so we have a world to create music in and preform. 10-4 

It’s time.

Nashville is a 10 year town and we put in our 10 years folks. This is where we were born. Hollywood, California before that people. We got some connections and the right kind of people that PEEP us daily on Social Media (Instagram) (Facebook) (Twitter) (YouTube) and 50+ other top hyper-niche social networks.

We are not interested in money from Artists and will sustain ourselves threw donations and Good Will from selected fortune 5,000 companies and Small Businesses who wish to show you their stuff. Cool? We thought so.

Shop @ The Good Will to support the needy. (Save Money Too)

If you are with us read on….

If you have been invited or would like to appear on our website send the following via Gmail:


Link to one song on (Free)

If we select you immediately then we will need the following: If you are not selected we may feature you on our blog just for reaching out to us. Win Win.

Please note: We are looking for professional sounding artists with good sound quality only at this time. Must have a SoundCloud embeddable playlist or video on YouTube which as we all know are free to start.

We will post your pic, playlist or song, video and add a link to your site if you have one.¬†If you need a website custom built for cost and under under $1,500 (a $3,500 Value) let us know.¬†¬†and¬†¬†are free trial and low monthly fee thereafter.¬†Banzoogle¬†is highly recommended. We also offer financing threw our sister companies for struggling artists who want a ‚Äúmajor label look‚ÄĚ for less than you would think.

We can send you past custom WordPress websites we have conceived for our clients if you are interested in a custom website you can manage yourself after the build out. We can also help you with a SMALL MONTHLY FEE if needed. You will need quality, high-rez images and any video’s, & Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music Google Play, etc.


Let us know where your music can be purchased and we will include that information too. ~Peace

All submissions are selected by our staff and we will contact you if you have been chosen to appear on our website.

We look forward to your submission.

independentmusicrevolution  ((At)) cause Gmail Rocks our Indie World.

#indiemusicforever #loveoneanother #timeforloveenergy #forgethowtohate

independentmusicrevolution  ((At)) cause Gmail Rocks our Indie World.


-The IMR Team

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